If you are interested in having me design and build a piece of furniture or other furnishing for you, contact me at (510) 772-7690 (cell phone and text) or at Krollfinewoodworking@gmail.com and discuss what you want and need. Our workshop is in Brooklyn, New York We have no showroom because all of our work is in the homes and offices of our clients. Much of what we have done can be seen in the galleries of this website, however.

I will work with you to create a unique piece that not only meets your physical needs, but which will stimulate your aesthetic tastes. Be advised that my work is primarily in the realm of Japanese style, with exposed joinery, solid, natural woods, no venires, no plywoods, and no plastic-type coatings.

I would estimate a completion date for your work, usually in a matter of two or three months.

Cost of the piece would depend on the piece, but I generally estimate my work at $50/hour, including design time, plus the cost of materials, including hardware.

I look forward to working with you to bring a functional, structually sound and beautiful piece into your life.

Robert Kroll


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