The Design Philosophy

When we sit down with a client to discuss a furniture design, we design, we don't come to the table with a blank slate. We bring a design theory and aesthetic of beauty with its roots in Asia and branches all over the world.

The paramount idea is to respect the wooden material, its color, texture, grain, joinery possibilities and dimensions, the way the light hits it; the complete integrity of materials. Also to be respected is the intermixing of other materials and processes with the wood, including: art, lighting, inlays, glass and metal. Each piece has a distinctive purpose, which includes both its use as a table, desk, cabinet, box, bed frame, crib, and its intrinsic beauty that flows from the harmony of its elements: the design, craftsmanship, joinery and artistic considerations. This creates a compulsion to look, a need to absorb, joy and the involuntary release of tension.

Work from our studio can and should incorporate art selected by the client or designer --  either photography, lithographs, stencils, watercolors or oils that personalize and make unique the finished piece. We can also do image transfers from digital photos and can arrange laser engravings of your images or those of others.

Joinery should be subtle, but visible. The joints hold the objects together and ultimately determine their utility and strength, durability and allure.

No two pieces will ever be the same. Each is a distinctive piece never to be reproduced. More art than craft, each work is an artist's expression of the client's requirement for size, shape, purpose, color and additional art that they wish to incorporate.

Only solid, exquisite hard and soft woods are used. Never any veneers, plywood or substrates. Dents and dings are easily removed with sanding, without fear of piercing through a superficial layer.

Finishes are hand-rubbed, multilayered, deep into the grain of the wood to bring out the life and beauty of the piece while protecting it from damage. Dark woods will express themselves like darkly polished onyx. Lighter woods will glisten with the crenellated figure of oceans of grain. All is handscraped, planed or sanded to a level of smoothness ten times the norm in the furniture industry.

To make an appointment to discuss your vision of piece for your home, lodge, office or pied a terre, call 510-772-7690. My 2000 sq. ft. shop is located inside Makerspace NYC at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. It is easy to get here from anywhere in the New York City area.

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